Clear Printing With Caldera’s PrintBoard

All of us who have used a printer have probably seen a Paper Jam message, or seen two indiscriminate lights blinking away on the device itself. It’s not always easy to see what’s wrong with a printer and can be disastrous for factory printers, which Caldera hope to stop with PrintBoard – a signage system to display a dashboard of a printers’ status. The software interacts with Caldera’s RIP to display data, such as the productivity of the printer, the current job queue and the square meters produced that day.

The display can be put on up to five screens, such as flat panel displays but also the iPad and other tablet devices. This lets the entire printer factory view the data remotely, rather than from one key point.A PrintBoard package – with hardware and software – will cost €995 and require version 9.10 RIP software

Caldera vice president Sebastien Hanssens says that “Digital signage is not the enemy for print. There are great opportunities for companying the two”. The product is not available for home printing, but could certainly get the consumer producers thinking about integration in the future.