Solution to high OEM prices

OEM prices are a problem for many, when it comes to high ink prices. A recent article by the Daily Mail showed, for instance, that a ml of Dom Perignon champagne works out at 15p, whereas a 5.5ml Epson T0711 blank ink cartridge has a RRP of £10.44.

To avoid being hit by high ink prices, solutions have been put forward such as printing less, to not even printing at all. The latter isn’t practical, because we need to use printers – however much we feel that ink cartridge prices are unreasonably high.

One good counter to high ink cartridge prices is to use third party ink. As well as saving money, quality is normally not noticeably inferior to that of a virgin cartridge. The same Epson cartridge, made by renowned UK company Jet Tec, is £5.49 RRP, and contains 13ml of ink – offering a massive saving of 78%.

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Difference Between OEM And Compatible Cartridges

Laser printers are among the most popular printers today. These printers cost much less to operate then the average printer. When choosing a OEM or compatible cartridge, it is best to know the differences.

The OEM cartridge is made by the actual manufacturer of the equipment. A re-manufactured cartridge is one that the manufacturer takes the OEM and takes it apart to replace nonworking parts. The compatible cartridges are from third party sellers. It is made with all new parts much like the OEM.

The OEM cartridge provides the highest quality in prints. They can be very high in cost. The re-manufactured or compatible cartridges are much lower in cost. The picture quality isn’t as high as with the OEM. A disadvantage of the compatible and re-manufactured cartridges is knowing that you will get good quality. It all on where and who you buy them from.

One must decide if he or she demands the highest in quality prints. If this is the case, the OEM is best. Compatible and re-manufactured cartridges are cheaper and more eco friendly. They will also fit within most budgets and still offer great results

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Main Disadvantages to OEM Cartridges

To keep your laser printer operating at peak efficiency, you need to replace the ink toner cartridge when indicated to keep the quality level of printing at its highest. Should you invest in OEM cartridges, also known as Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridges produced by the same brand that manufactured your printer, or go with a compatible toner cartridge produced by a third party manufacturer using recycled OEM cartridges? The biggest disadvantage to using OEM cartridges exclusively is their high cost, which can add up to quite a lot over the course of one year, considering that you need a new toner cartridge every 4 to 6 weeks. Although the printer you purchased may have been affordable, the manufacturer keeps the cost of the machine as low as possible because they know you will need to keep purchasing ink toner to keep the printer running efficiently. The second main disadvantage of purchasing OEM cartridges is that comparable recycled cartridges are considered much more environmentally friendly than purchasing new name brand cartridges that contribute to landfill pollution. Also, you may be paying two to three times more for an OEM Cartridge for the same quality of printing that a compatible recycled toner cartridge uses.

OEM Ink Cartridge

The definition of OEM ink cartridge is meaning the original equipment from manufacturer. So this OEM ink cartridge can be either a new ink cartridge that comes with your new printer from the factory or a remanufactured ink cartridge. The remanufactured ink cartridges are basically an old ink cartridge that has been recycled and refilled with ink for use just like a new ink cartridge. The OEM ink cartridges are a win-win situation for both the consumer and the manufacturer because by the manufacturer using the recycled ink cartridge they don’t have to produce a new ink cartridge shell, just simply fill the ink cartridge with new ink. In turn the manufacturer can then sell the OEM ink cartridge at a cheaper price since they didn’t have to produce a new shell for the ink cartridge.

What is a Generic Toner Cartridge?


A generic toner cartridge is a product often made by companies who did not manufacture the original. These cartridges are designed to fit all of the major brands of printers and copiers. The main difference in how the products are created as in the cartridge itself. The generic products can use a remanufactured cartridge which originally contained the toner, but was emptied. By refilling these cartridges with ink, the generic companies help save the environment from pollution and waste, while also saving the consumer money. Remanufactured products are available in shapes to fit most of the major brands of printers and copiers on the market today.

Generic cartridges can also be sold as new products. These can also save customers money over the price of buying brand name products. The quality of the cartridge and ink is the same as that found in the higher priced brand name products, but the manufacturers do not charge for the use of their name. These companies can also reduce the cost by using cheaper packaging materials which still keep the cartridges sealed and protected before use. Generic cartridges are also available in sizes and shapes to fit all the major brands of printers.