Environmental facts about ink cartridges

Ink cartridges can have a huge impact on the environment which is unfortunate as over 1.1 billion of them are used around the world each year. Here are some more environmental facts about ink cartridges.

1. Recycling your ink cartridges helps to prevent 15 million litres of oil from being used annually.
2. Only 6 million litres of oil was saved from being used over the last 5 years due to 17 million toner cartridges being recycled.
3. Landfills can be clogged up by used ink and toner cartridges. In the UK alone, 45 million of them are sent to landfills annually.
4. The plastics and metals used in cartridges take 1000 years to decompose.
5. Despite the number of people throwing away used cartridges, up to 97% of their parts can be recycled.
6. Using remanufactured cartridges prevents 3.5 pounds of waste from going straight to landfill.
7. Remanufacturing plastic uses 80% less energy than producing more plastic to make more cartridges.
8. Only 15% of cartridges in the UK are recycled per year and 375 million cartridges are disposed of yearly in the US.

To prevent the negative effects on the environment, recycle your cartridges!