Solution to high OEM prices

OEM prices are a problem for many, when it comes to high ink prices. A recent article by the Daily Mail showed, for instance, that a ml of Dom Perignon champagne works out at 15p, whereas a 5.5ml Epson T0711 blank ink cartridge has a RRP of £10.44.

To avoid being hit by high ink prices, solutions have been put forward such as printing less, to not even printing at all. The latter isn’t practical, because we need to use printers – however much we feel that ink cartridge prices are unreasonably high.

One good counter to high ink cartridge prices is to use third party ink. As well as saving money, quality is normally not noticeably inferior to that of a virgin cartridge. The same Epson cartridge, made by renowned UK company Jet Tec, is £5.49 RRP, and contains 13ml of ink – offering a massive saving of 78%.

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