HP Designjet praised for versaitility

The HP Designjet L26100 printer has been given a glowing report for its versatility and for its environmental benefits from a printer advice website. The printer’s ease of use was another of its features that met with approval.

The HP Designjet L26100 printer is designed to appeal to small print service providers, and Myprintersource.com praised its ability to produce ‘high impact’ products, such as point of purchase, vehicle, and temporary displays.

The 61-inch HP Latex Printing Technologies printer is, according to the website, “reliable and low maintenance” and it also has quick delivery times. Water-based inks are used by the HP Designjet L26100 to print out 1200 dots per inch images.

No special ventilation is necessary for the printer, Myprintersource.com notes, and the HP Designjet L26100 is also notable for having no hazard warning labels. This is a departure from the majority of eco-solvent inks that are currently being produced.

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