Dell colour printer is inexpensive laser device

The Dell C1660w Colour is an inexpensive laser printer that may be ideal for an office that doesn’t require much use.

The verdict for the printer from Computer Shopper was three stars out of a possible five.

Positive aspects of the printer, that were picked out by the magazine’s reviewer, was how easy the printer was to set up, the cheap price, and its compactness and lightness.

On the downside, the reviewer found the support for mobile devices, cloud, and the Internet unsatisfactory. The cost per page was also deemed to be too high.

As a whole, Computer Shopper came to the conclusion that the majority of people would choose the Dell C1660w Colour Printer because it would save them money.

Consumers were advised by the magazine to think about whether buying it would result in a good deal – if they ended up using the printer more than anticipated.

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