The Canon Pixma reccommended for office use

PC Mag has given the thumbs up to the all-in-one Canon Pixma MX392 inkjet printer for office use.

The website’s David Stone was impressed by the Canon Pixma MX392′s printing and faxing from PCs, and its other features, including a standalone copier and an automatic document feeder, plus its fax functions.

On the negative side, Mr Stone was disappointed with the often slow network support and that there is only manual duplexing.

The graphics quality was, Mr Stone added, “easily good enough” with regards to internal business requirements.

Mr Stone did also say, that for businesses that print a great deal, then they would be better to consider buying something faster than the Canon Pixma MX392. Though for businesses that print just a few pages each day, but need fax, copy and scan facilities, this printer would certainly suffice, with Mr Stone adding that it “can certainly do the job”.

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