Kodak to Cease Manufacturing Consumer Inkjet Printers This Year

 In an attempt to recover from Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Kodak has announced that it will discontinue the manufacturing and selling of inkjet printers in 2013. Due to a diminishing market, as well as thin profit margins, the company has long been plummeting in the industry and struggling financially since 2007.

All previously manufactured inkjet printers will remain on the market until the existing supply depletes itself. However, production has ceased on any new consumer printer models, including the much-anticipated Kodak Hero 2.2 and Hero 4.2 printers. The company expects that their consumer printer business will wind down and cease later this year, although they will continue to sell ink and paper.

Despite winding down their inkjet printing business, Kodak will continue to honor any warranties, as well as continue to offer support on their existing printers. This move, intended to get Kodak back on track financially following their recent bankruptcy, will result in the loss of up to 200 jobs. The company intends to switch gears and shift their focus over to the commercial printing side.