Disadvantages of Refilling Toner Cartridges


Although refilling toner cartridges, self or paid service, costs less initially, they cost more after all.

Look beyond the glitzy ads expounding generic printer cartridges, refilling supplies and refilling services as a cost cutter. They must be profitable to the vendor-advertising is not cheap. Less than OEM supplies end up costing the consumer more because:
• Cost-cutting measures produce less prints and in lower quality than brand name.
• Cost-cutting cartridges cause printer alignment problems and may leak toner. Misalignment and leaking toner damages printers and require expensive repair, often not covered by manufacturer’s warranty.
• All cartridges are refilled, whether by the OEM or a refill service, so both are equally environmentally conscious and concerned.

Less expensive costs for operations are a real bonus for office managers and entrepreneurs. Be careful to ensure a cost is truly less from start to finish before committing hard earned dollars. Sometimes it is better to stick with OEM or recommended providers for the best quality, quantity and reliability in return.